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Nokia BH-503 Stereo Headset (Black)


This was my sixth pair of headphones since getting my iPhone last almost a year ago. I used the earbuds provided with the phone for a few months then tried to other corded earbuds. However, I got very tired of the cords because they kept gettting caught on something and kept getting damaged.

The first bluetooth headset I tried was the MOTOROKR S9 (around [...] bucks). It was pretty good but not comfortable. Perhaps it is my big head or because of the in-ear design, but I kept getting headaches when I used them. I later tried an over-ear headset by Rockfish that I found at Best Buy (about [...] bucks). They were much more comfortable but the sound quality was lacking.

After reading a rather convincing review, I tried the Nokia BH-503. This is easily the BEST headset I have owned. I was immediately impressed by the sound quality. I have a pretty eclectic music library and this headset delivers no matter the music.

I also am pleased that the headset is very comfortable. It stays in place without squeezing my big head. :)

The controls are well-placed, easy to use and intuitive. Long battery life. I have had the headset for almost two weeks and I have found nothing about it that I don't like.

All-around WINNER!!!
Date Added: 11/06/2011 by Michael Wundrok
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