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Klipsch Image S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset with 3-Button


I use these headphones with the 64 GB iPod Touch and love them. I am someone who appreciates great audio quality. All my music is recorded lossless using Apple's lossless encoder. I own several of Shure's products and various over the ear headphones for home listening. The Klipsch IMAGE S4i are by far the most comfortable and easiest to insert earbuds i've used yet. Even during prolonged listening they remain comfortable well beyond the point the Shure's would hurt. The sound isolation is fantastic as I have used these while mowing the lawn with out having to turn the volume up.

Why buy the Klipsch IMAGE S4i? To use during activities and on the go. The sound quality is good, not superb. These are not the headphones you use when you want to relax and listen to every last detail in your music and have it reproduced perfectly. These are the headphones you use while jogging, walking, riding in a car or plane, using lawn mowers; basically any active pursuit where decent sound quality, ease of use, comfort and noise isolation are important. Your iPod or iPhone can now stay in your pocket as you can control your device through the remote. The remote's controls are simple to use by feel and do the job well. Combine easy access to play/pause, skip/skip back, and volume controls with Apple's voice control feature and now the whole device can be controlled through these headphones! That is why they are so good! And voice control... wow. I can tell the iPod to play certain playlists, artists, albums, songs, even commands such as "turn on/off shuffle", "what song is this", and "play more songs like this" to use the genius feature.

Anyone in the market for headphones has a lot of choices to make. For this price range there are better alternatives for sound quality, but right now there is no better choice then the S4i's for active listeners who benefit from leaving their devices in their pockets. Get the Klipsch IMAGE S4i if decent sound quality and comfort are important as well as full control over your music and phone functions using the inline remote.

They also work great with my MacBook Pro allowing me to control iTunes with the remote and use Skype because of the microphone. I have been using the Klipsch IMAGE S4i for three months and recommend them to anyone who will use them as I detailed above. May be in the future a $300.00+ pair of audiophile earbuds with the remote will be released and everyone will be satisfied... until then I'll be happily listening to my tunes on the go with these.
Date Added: 11/05/2011 by Adrien ROCHE
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