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Klipsch IMAGE S4i-WH Premium Noise-Isolating Headset with 3-butt


I've owned a Klipsch S4 for a while now for my iPod and wanted one just like it for my new white iPhone 4S. This is the perfect match. The Klipsch offers the big and tight low-end, the clear and the warm mids and the bright yet transparent highs you expect from headsets costing 2~3 times more than this one. The Apple control is simply the icing on the cake. The big low-end that you don't expect from a headset like this is the killer. Yes, you can spend more on "boutique" type of headphone sets but they simply won't provide the value that the Klipsch provides. For all-around sound quality as well as the functionality of the Apple controls, the S4I just can't be beat - especially for owners of the white iPhone 4/4S. I'm one very happy camper with the new iPhone 4S and this Klipsch headset.
Date Added: 02/20/2012 by Musa Altundag
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