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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones


I guess I am an audio enthusiast, as I don't produce any kind of music for recording. However, I do know several qualities that make top notch quality sound. After much research I decided to jump the gun after so many recommendations on these phones. These headphones surely do not disappoint! As an upgrade to my Sony MDR-V700dj's of about three years, I can most definitely tell what I have been missing in my music. The ATH-M50 is very very balanced, and for my use, is coupled with a Sony NWZ-A818 walkman unamped. The musical range is simply fantastic, as you can really focus in on the music and discern all the qualities and instruments. The treble is sparkly, the midrange is presented in full, and the bass although not overpowering, is punchy and does not overshadow the treble or the midrange. However if I really want bass, the m50 surely deliver as they respond very well to equalization. After a few days with these phones, I can now understand what audiophiles mean by quality headphones and the production of a flat response and overall excellent musical balance & soundstage image.

As many users have stated, these phones may not sound their best right out of the box. Upon the first hour of listening it was a joy when compared to my v700dj's. I can confidently say that the m50 really blow the v700dj's right out of the water when talking about clarity across the spectrum. I think I have racked up approximately 40 hours on the m50's and I believe they sound much better when compared to right out of the box. Without being detailed, the overall music quality has improved and the bass for me is fuller and well rounded. From what I have read, these m50 sound their best after 100 hours of burning in, and I can't to hear mine when they get to that point!
Date Added: 09/21/2011 by Daniel Awoyomi
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