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Sony 2 GB Digital Music Player (Black)


Bought this because I got tired of ruining Apple Ipod models. I am a runner who sweats a ton when I run. Especially indoors on the treadmill. Sweat is a terrible thing for the Apple family of MP3 players as I found out. Ruined a shuffle and 3 nanos in 1 1/2 years.Fits comfortably on my head and the sound quality is much better than the iPod Shuffle. They look a little dorky when you wear them but who cares. You are working out, not at a beauty pageant. Sony really hasn't advertised this product very well. I just happened upon it at the store. If they did a better job advertising it, I am sure their sales would go up in the hard core runner segment.
Date Added: 02/22/2012 by Jim Bob
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