8GB SLC 44-pin 90-degree Dual Channel DOM 5V


Product Description
8GB 44-pin SLC Type Industrial DOM, 90-degree Kingspec's ATA-Disk Module is a high-performance, embedded flash drive designed to replace the conventional IDE hard disk drive. The ADMs can be plugged into a standard IDE connector commonly found in desktops, IT-STB, industrial PCs and thin client systems. Kingspec's ADM SSD has a built-in microcontroller with file management firmware that communicates with the ATA standard interfaces. No additional or proprietary host software is required Well suited for embedded flash storage applications by offering new and expanded functionalities as well as more cost-effective designs, better performance and increased reliability, ADM is designed to work at either 5 or 3.3 Volts, supports the standard ATA/IDE protocol for up to PIO Mode-4, Multiword DMA Mode-2 and Ultra DMA Mode-4 interfaces, and uses the standard ATA driver complying with all major operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows series, Mac OS, and Unix variants. Featuring technologies as Intelligent Power Failure Recovery, Quick Erase, S.M.A.R.T., Advanced wearleveling algorithms, Secure Protection Zone, and Enhanced Data Integrity, Kingspec's ADM assures users of a versatile device on data storage. ** 35MB/sec Read, 25MB/sec Write


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